There is Life After Bankruptcy

It may anger and irritate to no end that the "little guy" is near financial ruin while the very same banks, insurance companies, and major corporations that have received billions of government stimulus funds are giving multi-million dollar bonuses to executives. Stimulus funds won't be reaching the everyman any time soon, if at all. In the meantime bankruptcy doesn't need to be ruinous and can be limited or avoided altogether by consulting a qualified attorney.

How is it that top level executives and millionaires have claimed bankruptcy in the past and have not had their fortunes impacted? The answer is by using attorneys that specialize in bankruptcy, taxes, and financial planning. While attorneys do cost money, the expense is easy to understand when the potential benefits are understood.

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In the past, individuals that have filed bankruptcy have been assigned the stigma of failure. Again, that was in the past. Now bankruptcy is no longer a four lettered word. Bankruptcy means a new beginning; new potential to prove the American dream. Those people that have filed for bankruptcy recently may not realize that the attorney's usefulness isn't over.

Bankruptcy attorneys should be used as a resource for setting up one's estate in a manner that will isolate and protect them from the financial risks that most taxpayers live with day in and day out due to ignorance. Starting out on the right path will determine how the path will end. Educating one's self is the first step. Ask questions. Ask lots of questions. The attorney isn't a teacher, but can answer most of the questions pertaining to one's specific situation.

After an attorney has helped guide the individual, it is up to the individual to continue learning. If taking an affordable financial planning or investing course or two at a local community college isn't a realistic possibility, there is a plethora of easy to read financial guides available at your local book store.

Venturing out into the investment world or planning by one's self is risky when just relying on book smarts though. Consulting a financial planner is also a viable option, but will be more expensive than a simple book because of their knowledge and experience. Just remember that bankruptcy isn't the end, but only the beginning.

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