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Due to the downturn in the economy and job market, many people are finding themselves in financial distress. The question then arises, "Is filing bankruptcy right for me?" Many bankruptcy questions and answers can be found simply by searching online. Nowadays there is a wealth of information on the internet available to anyone. There are numerous sites on the internet that provide frequently asked questions with answers concerning filing bankruptcy as well as other ways to eliminate debt. Some sites may even offer free evaluations based on the individual's specific financial situation. Other sites have simple forms to fill out that directly put the individual in touch with a local bankruptcy attorney for a free no obligation consultation to discuss their options. Using the internet to obtain advice through some sites might even offer the debtor a discount towards the services that they provide. Individuals must use caution when researching information regarding bankruptcy. Not all sites have correct or up to date information. The laws and bankruptcy code changes from state to state and over the last few years has gotten a little more complicated. It is a good idea to use reputable sites, including the Federal Bankruptcy Court website, and check and crosscheck all information. It is also wise after gaining valuable information found online to follow up with a consultation from an experienced local bankruptcy attorney to gain further information and ask any other questions that came up during the process.

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Understanding the bankruptcy process, the specific laws, the debtor's responsibilities, as well as knowing the debtor's rights, is extremely important when considering filing bankruptcy. Finding out all of one's options should be a priority since there are alternatives to filing bankruptcy. When looking at alternatives to filing bankruptcy one should consider the amount of debt they are trying to eliminate. For small amounts of debt, one should look into debt consolidation were debt settlement. As a rule of thumb, a person should add up their monthly bills and figure out if they stop charging today and budgeted their finances, how long would it take to pay off all their debt. If it takes over five years, one should consider filing bankruptcy and take the time to speak with a bankruptcy attorney.

When someone finds themselves in a position where they are unable to meet their monthly financial responsibilities due to divorce, serious illness, or job loss among other reasons, then they should be proactive to avoid further financial disaster. When financial burdens become too much to bear, finding answers to the many questions about filing bankruptcy and debt elimination should be a priority. The sooner one receives information, they can then make an educated decision regarding their financial future and getting out from under overwhelming debt.

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