How Do I Know If an Attorney Has Mortgage Experience?

Getting into trouble with your mortgage isn't exactly a comfortable place to be. It is no surprise that you'd want to look for a St. Louis law firm to help at the first sign of trouble. Since there are no "mortgage attorneys" where can you turn? The field of law has grown so much that is pretty impossible to be able to do everything, causing many attorneys to focus on one specific area. No, not every lawyer you encounter will know how to handle a mortgage problem but there are some that will.

If the problem has to do with your actual mortgage lender or the nature of the lien, you will probably want to contact a real estate attorney. A real estate attorney will be able to check if anyone claiming a lien on your home is legitimate, make sure all documents are correct and know if your mortgage company has made any procedural mistakes. If your problem, however, has to do with paying your mortgage, you may need a different kind of attorney. Not being able to pay your mortgage isn't a laughing matter. As soon as you start falling behind on your payments, you've headed down a path leads more than 1,700 St. Louis residents each month to foreclosure. For most, putting their families in danger of not getting protection from foreclosure isn't an option.

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But what kind of attorney can you turn to for protection from foreclosure? A St. Louis bankruptcy attorney can actually stop the sale of your home and help you keep your family safe and sound with a Missouri or Illinois Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Plus, a bankruptcy can help you with other kinds of debt like medical bills or credit cards. In addition to stopping your foreclosure, chapter 13 can stop a wage garnishment, prevent creditors from harassing you all night and day, and stop the repo man from taking your car. You could really take the burden of debt off your shoulders and the shoulders of your loved ones.

Don't forget that just because you've found a real estate or bankruptcy attorney in St. Louis doesn't mean they are the most qualified to handle your mortgage concerns. You should still concentrate on finding the best attorney for your specific case. Find an attorney who wants to answer your tough questions by providing you with free information before he or she even meets you. You will confident in your decision if it is an educated one.

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