Professional Financial Counseling Can Help You Avoid Filing For Bankruptcy

With the lack of good jobs available and rents are out of sight during this current economic downturn, it's still not a reason to use poor money management. Finding a good financial management counselor can teach you the lines between unavoidable expenses which you need or wasting money on your wants. Learning this can help you determine changes you need to make in your life to achieve financial success. If you're struggling financially and don't want to end up filing for bankruptcy, making good financial decisions is very important. A financial counselor might be able to advise you on how to lower interest rates to make more cash available at the end of the month. Currently many people think that getting into a debt consolidation program will get them out of trouble. Most of the time these individuals get set up into an unsustainable payment program that leaves them worse off than they were before, and forcing them into filing for bankruptcy.

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When you're on the edge of a cliff financially, always take a serious look at your current situation. Ask yourself if there are any assets that could be sold to get you caught up. Another question might be, do I have the time to get a second job to try and pay all of my expenses? Also look at all your expenses that you might be able to cut or lower. Things like cable TV and extra phone lines are many times a luxury and not necessary. Before making your final decision on filing for bankruptcy, always see if your situation is temporary or permanent. If it's temporary, many times you can work something out with your creditors, buying you time to get caught up. If your situation's permanent it's probably best to be proactive before you lose all your property and file for bankruptcy.

When a bankruptcy filing is in your future, being prepared is very important. There are some simple steps that can help you stay out of trouble prior to filing bankruptcy. First of all, stop using all your credit cards. Your bankruptcy attorney will tell you that you should have no purchase activity on your credit cards 90 days prior to filing. In fact, if you have large purchases, like a big screen TV or expensive jewelry, a bankruptcy attorney might ask you to wait a couple extra months to file. In some cases the creditor will try to file an adversary proceeding to try and block the discharge of their debt owed to them. It's also important to not withdraw funds from a retirement account to get caught up on bills, or depending on the amount, to even live on. Once this money is withdrawn it is considered income and can disqualify you from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If that happens you would be forced into Chapter 13 repayment plan.

If you're in the process of filing for bankruptcy, remember that if you file chapter 7, you probably won't be able protect your real estate for very long. When you file for bankruptcy the automatic stay goes into place and will temporarily stop foreclosure. The lender, most likely will immediately file for a relief of stay allowing them to proceed with the foreclosure process. It can buy you some time to try and work something out with the bank holding the mortgage note. The same goes for a car loan, since it is secured by the property, the lender will file a relief of stay and repossess the vehicle unless you can sign a reaffirmation agreement and get caught up on the payments. Always talk with a local bankruptcy attorney as every individual has a different situation.

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