The Story of a Neighbor's Bankruptcy

One night we had our neighbors over for dinner and as soon as they walked in the door my husband and I noticed there was something obviously bothering them. After dinner, we were sitting in the living room having a nice chat when all of a sudden Richard tells us that he and his wife have to file for bankruptcy. My husband and I were both sadden and surprised by the news. Since we live in a large city we told them it should not be too difficult for them to find a bankruptcy attorney. Now we live in an area called The Woodlands, so Richard asked us if we knew anything about bankruptcy attorney who lives in the town. All we knew was we had heard that the bankruptcy lawyer was very good and that he had plenty of experience dealing with these kinds of problems. It was so difficult that evening to see our friends and neighbors tell us that they needed to file for bankruptcy. When they were leaving we told them to keep us updated on what was going on and we told them to tell us if they needed anything.

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About two weeks later, Susan came over to tell me that they finally found a very nice attorney who was being extremely helpful during their difficult time. She also told me that were going to have to try to sell their house and move all the way over to the other side of the city. She cried as she told me how much she loved her house and that she hated to move away from the lovely community we were living in together. It was so horrible to see a good friend go through all of these problems. I told her that of course we would still keep in touch and we could see each other whenever we could. That seemed to help and she went back to her home to get some work done in order to try to sell the house.

Not long after my conversation with Susan, during the day, their house was put up for sale and it sold very quickly. The house was in lovely condition because Susan and Richard kept it so pristine.

Richard and Susan soon moved, but Susan called often to keep me updated on how she was doing. She always talked about how helpful their attorney was and how good of friends they had become with him. He really was of great assistance to them while they were going through their hard time. I was happy to hear they were able to find someone who could be kind to them and someone who could help them make the best of their situation.

It was one of the hardest things to watch our friends and neighbors have to go through filing bankruptcy, but it seemed like they were in good hands once they found a good lawyer, who helped them rearrange some assets and get them started again after their bankruptcy was over.

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